Influencer network, Yoke, publishes report on lowering CPAs with TikTok influencers

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Posted: May 12, 2022

Yoke Network, an Influencer Marketing network, have published a groundbreaking report on how Influencer Marketing on TikTok can be best utilised to hit CPI and CPA targets at scale.

Yoke has built proprietary technology to help user acquisition teams and marketers supercharge their app growth through influencers.

Over the past 3 years, Yoke has worked with companies such as Luni, Meitu, and over 100+ more apps and has seen incredible results with its influencer campaigns by driving 8 million+ installs & counting.

Since Apple’s ATT changes in 2021, mobile marketers have had to contend with a lack of data transparency and campaign optimisation. This means that creative has become an increasingly important tool in the quest for better ROI.

The rise of TikTok as a new channel for marketers became prevalent as users grew day by day to eventually become the number one social app but also the number-one app for consumer spending.

TikTok is a creator-first social platform and to win on TikTok you need Influencers (creators) + high-quality native content. Yoke is on a mission to help businesses grow through Influencers in the most efficient and best way possible.

In their recent report, the influencer network worked out how to lower CPA by more than 40%, analysing how creators and content performed relative to client targets.


With a total spend of $2.3M across the case study, Influencers were split into 3 categories, and creatives were divided across 3 structures. The structure follows;

  • Influencers were split across 3 categories
    • Category 1
    • Category 2
    • Category 3
  • Creatives were split across 3 categories
    • Structure 1
    • Structure 2
    • Structure 3

All with the aim of being able to scale the best performing creators’ categories and content structures across influencers in the network. This was achieved by matching the correct combination e.g. Category 1 / Structure 3 then once the team identified the optimal combination, the campaign was scaled.

Learning phase

Scaling at this stage meant the number of influencers involved increased, and over 80% created content with the optimal structure.

The learning phase began, initially seeing the CPA balloon during the first week of activity as different combinations were tested, decreasing as Yoke Network began pausing low performing creators, retesting the learnings. This gave the team enough initial data to develop the base structure for a refined influencer matrix.

Scaling phase

As the best combination of category and structure was refined, the campaign continued, and the CPA remained relatively stable, starting to drop over six months.

Across this period, whilst optimising the campaign for their client, Yoke saw a 41% reduction in CPA. The exact value of CPA started at $48.09, reducing to $28.37 as the testing was refined.

Lifetime goals

Over the campaign, the team targeted influencers within their network platform who best fit the best performing categories and content structures. Yoke Network scaled to 100 daily active influencers promoting this specific app at its peak.

Implement influencer marketing campaigns into your marketing strategy with the help of Yoke – email to speak with their app growth experts today or visit their website to check out their success stats.

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