HUAWEI Ads announces new partnership program for advertisers & agencies in Europe

Partner Post - HUAWEI Ads Mobile Marketing Platform tailored for HUAWEI devices

Posted: April 14, 2021

HUAWEI Ads partnership program will provide new incentives and support to advertisers, developers and agencies while giving them the chance to reach a global audience of engaged smartphone users.

Huawei, the world leading technology company, has announced the expansion of its advertising business in Europe with the roll out of Huawei Ads platform and partnership program for agencies and app publishers.

HUAWEI Ads is a real time advertising marketplace tailored for HUAWEI devices. By integrating the underlying algorithms and architecture of HUAWEI devices, the platform provides unique and value driven ways to reach a global audience of over 700 million smartphone users. The platform is now open to media agencies and app publishers across Europe and gives advertisers the ability to bid on ad impressions using programmatic technology. The platform also includes HUAWEI Ads publisher service, which allows developers to integrate HUAWEI Ads kit and generate additional revenue from their apps. 

The HUAWEI Ads partnership program will include some early bird incentives for direct advertisers and certified agencies including:

  • Free advertising credit available for direct advertisers that qualify for trial program
  • Rebates on media spend for certified agencies 
  • Dedicated support through set up and boarding process
  • Expert advice on campaign set up and optimization
  • Certified partners will also receive access to new beta products in testing
  • Additional coaching and training sessions available for certified partners

Jaime Gonzalo, VP of HUAWEI Mobile Services in Europe described the HUAWEI Ads partner program as “an important way to help app publishers and agencies reach engaged mobile audiences and find new growth opportunities in 2021. In a crowded app market place, HUAWEI Ads platform offers unique and powerful ways to reach sophisticated smartphone users at affordable prices.  With direct placements on HUAWEI devices using Assistant today, high profile placements within AppGallery, as well as multiple traffic sources across Petal Search, HUAWEI apps and thousands of third party apps, there are lots of innovative ad options to choose from. We are excited to welcome new agencies and app publishers to the platform and give them opportunities to reach untapped audiences and drive business growth in 2021.”  

Additional benefits offered by the platform include:

  • Precision targeting– With over 700 million registered mobile customers, HUAWEI Ads offers advertisers the best way to reach high value HUAWEI device owners. 
  • Powerful Placements –Huawei Ads platform gives advertisers the ability to choose placements across HUAWEI ecosystem including direct placements on devices, custom placements on AppGallery, as well as new search ads on Petal Search and display ads across HUAWEI apps and thousands of third party apps.
  • Performance driven results – Tools like Smart bidding and Smart Banner, along with one click installation links, give advertisers increased controls and production capabilities to maximize their return on investment.

Andrian Martinez, COO of Meteored, commented: “We believe that Huawei Ads is a great opportunity to improve the visibility of Meteored and increase the possibilities of expanding our apps worldwide. We are obtaining promising results and discovering its full potential thanks to the Huawei team.”

Johan Othelius, CEO at Squid, said: “Advertising on Huawei provides a unique opportunity to reach users across Europe in a premium environment. The new advertiser incentive program on Huawei Ads Platform is a great benefit for advertisers to achieve their campaign goals.”

To join the partner program and benefit from the early bird incentives, agencies, advertisers and app publishers are encouraged to sign up to the platform by 30th June 2021. 

Go to Huawei Ads  to register an account and download free HUAWEI Ads marketing guide for more information on how to succeed on this new marketing platform. 

For additional queries on account set up, please contact the HUAWEI Ads team on

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