Appodeal partners with Adjust to enrich its growth platform with attribution insights

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Posted: July 22, 2022

On July 20th, Appodeal announced that it has joined forces with Adjust, the mobile marketing analytics platform, to deliver a growth experience to all mobile app and game creators. With this partnership, all Appodeal users now have access to their user acquisition (UA) and attribution data from a single dashboard.

By aligning Appodeal’s monetization with Adjust attribution, app and game creators get the full range of insights related to their marketing ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Mobile developers and publishers now have more tools and resources that make it easier to reach their business goals and scale their projects more efficiently.

“Adjust’s measurement and attribution data ignite the Appodeal Growth Engine by powering the Growth Intelligence dashboard with deep UA insights hidden inside the apps’ data,” says Pavel Golubeff, CEO and founder at Appodeal. “Appodeal users can take advantage of real-time data synchronization to find which marketing actions bring the most profits and which ones devour their ad spend.”

Benefits of aligning attribution and monetization data

One of the main advantages of integrating Appodeal and Adjust is the ability to forecast the potential revenue resulting from UA efforts.

“Appodeal uses all of Adjust’s attribution data to deliver crucial insights to app creators and help them increase their users’ LTV (LifeTime-Value),” comments Alexandre Pham, Vice President EMEA at Adjust. “These valuable insights allow publishers to get the complete picture of their apps’ revenue flow, including ad revenue and IAPs (In-App Purchases).”

It is now possible to predict revenue beyond the UA campaign level by going deeper into the app’s data. This allows creators to find out, for example, which user acquisition networks, ad groups, ad sets, ad creatives, and install source apps are delivering the best ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Additionally, Appodeal enables automation based on actual and predicted data, making it possible for mobile app creators to make smarter UA decisions. This becomes highly relevant for publishers of any size, putting them at the same level as top-chart companies with highly developed business intelligence tools.

Appodeal: A self-service growth platform

Appodeal is an all-in-one growth engine made to monetize, optimize user acquisition, and scale mobile apps and games. With one SDK integration, app developers and publishers can access a wide range of growth tools, business insights and ad demand sources, enabling them to self-publish their apps while staying independent. App publishers can also ignite Appodeal’s growth engine to grow their apps portfolio’s LTV, ROAS, retention rates, and other performance metrics.

Appodeal’s Growth Platform has been created for publishers of all kinds and sizes. Small indie developers find it highly useful as they don’t need to rely on any publishers to launch and scale their apps. At the same time, bigger publishers with a large app portfolio don’t need to develop their own Business Intelligence technologies and can rely on a solid platform with over 7 years of experience in the market.

In its mission to empower publishers and developers, Appodeal is also offering them the opportunity to join its industry-first Accelerator Program, giving app creators free access to:

  • In-house analytics tools
  • UA optimization tools
  • Monetization SDK with bidding networks and A/B testing
  • Educational materials, such as soft launch guidelines

Creators accepted in Appodeal’s Accelerator Program are reimbursed for all of the funds spent during the soft launch.

How to start aligning Adjust attribution and Appodeal monetization data?

Developers and publishers who want to start aligning their attribution and monetization data can do so easily – and all in one place – by creating only an Appodeal account and integrating Appodeal’s SDK into any mobile app or game. Soon after Appodeal gets the SDK request, the app gets free access to Adjust functionalities, courtesy of Appodeal, as long as they qualify for the Appodeal Accelerator Program.

Once it’s connected, the Appodeal dashboard will start receiving data, and mobile app creators will have full access to LTV forecasts, high-level insights into their UA campaigns, and complete control of Growth Intelligence tools.

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