Study shows developers may see more than 24,000 different Android devices download their apps

Andy Boxall

In news

August 17, 2015

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OpenSignal has highlighted the plight of Android developers by producing a series of graphs and tables which show the extent of OS fragmentation, ranging from device and screen size, to the version of the OS installed. OpenSignal produces a variety of apps, including ones that check Wi-Fi and cellular reception levels around the world, and it has used the data collected to come up with this fascinating study.

At the heart of the study is the news that this year, OpenSignal’s app has been used on more than 24,000 distinct Android devices in 2015 alone. That’s up from 18,700 last year, and 11,000 in 2013. These phones come from a massive 1,294 different manufacturers, a number made even more surprising when OpenSignal shows that Samsung still controls 37.8% of the market.

OpenSignal used data collected from its apps to show Android fragmentation. 


Examining Android builds, the data shows 4.4 KitKat is still the most widely used version of Google’s OS, despite being several editions out of date. The most recent — Android 5.0 and Android 5.1 Lollipop — has just over 18% combined. There are also nearly 5% of Android phones still running version 2.2, and 2.3 Froyo and Gingerbread.

Other data shows that more sensors are being integrated into more smartphones, with motion sensors and barometers all increasing over the past two years. Humidity sensors are the only ones on the decrease.

You can see and download the entire report here.