Push notifications on Android have twice the open rate of those on iOS

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A study has shown push notifications are opened twice as often on Android devices as they are on iOS. The data comes from push notification experts Leanplum, and states the open rate for iOS is 1.77%, while Android has a 3.48% open rate. However, this swaps around when examining time to open rates. This time, it’s iOS out in front with a median time to open rate of seven minutes, while Android users take 48 minutes.

Android has twice the notification open rate of iOS

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Leanplum offers several reasons why this could be the case. Android and iOS display notifications differently, with Android continually telling users there are notifications waiting at the top of the screen using identifying icons, and permanently showing them on the lock screen.

iOS has a shorter time to open than Android

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On iOS, notifications primarily show up as red marks against an app icon after the notifications disappear from the lock screen, which may have conditioned users to quickly act on a notification when it arrives.

Personalized notifications have a higher open rate

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Open rates vary when the notification content is personalized, with Leanplum’s research showing personal messages have a 5.9% open rate, compared to a 1.5% open rate for generic content. Time to open also increases with personalized messages, due to users waiting for a convenient time to take action, Leanplum hypothesizes.

Personalized notifications have a longer time to open rate

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The data comes from Leanplum’s Personalize or Bust: The Impact on App Engagement report, which can be downloaded for free here. Additionally, visit Leanplum’s website here for more information on the company’s services.