The Mobile Affiliate Marketing Guide

Mobile affiliate marketing has really started to take off over the last 12 months. But luckily we’re still in a period where competition is not overwhelming, so there’s still lots of opportunities out there and plenty of money to be made. Sure, there’s also a fair few problems when it comes to mobile advertising and the tracking of mobile marketing campaigns, but new tools, solutions and networks are springing up all the time as the space rapidly matures. If you’re new to mobile affiliate marketing, and you’re looking for a shove in the right direction, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve rounded-up all the best mobile affiliate networks, some handy tracking and analytic solutions, as well as a selection of mobile affiliate resources to help you maximise your revenues. If anyone wants to suggests additions to this list, be they networks or resources, then feel free to get in touch and let us know. You can download the guide from dropbox or get it on slideshare or scribd to read on your iPad, Kindle, on-screen or print out.

Mobile Affiliate Marketing

List of mobile affiliate networks

Below is a list of all the top mobile affiliate networks and mobile CPA networks. Obviously, when picking a network you need to think carefully about their offers, what verticals they focus on and of course what regions they cover. For more information on mobile affiliate networks take a look at our MobPartner – Premium mobile affiliate network that works with CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI models. Great technology platform and range of offers.
AppLift – The first mobile affiliate network that deals exclusively with mobile games, allowing mobile affiliates and media buyers promote game-based offers. Based in Berlin.
YeahMobi – Leading performance-based mobile affiliate network that offers its own tracking and optimisation tool, the ‘YeahMobi optimiser’.  Offers weekly payouts.
Avazu Private Exchange – offers a range of CPI, CPL and CPA based offers
Matomy – a mobile performance network with over 1500 international offers
Unicume – A new mobile CPA network which offers a range of mobile affiliate and tracking services
Impact Mobi – Global mobile affiliate network that uses the latest in mobile ad technology to deliver transparent campaigns
Brusmedia – iOS and Android affiliate network offering a range of business models
KissMyAds – Mobile marketing company based in Germany that offers a range of CPA and CPS campaigns for affiliates and advertisers.
SponsorMob – Mobile ad network that offers affiliates unique in house tracking, a range of offers and a referral program.
Clickky – Global Mobile Advertising Platform, offering a wide range of mobile campaigns worldwide
KissMyAds Mobile Affiliate Network

MobileLeads – CPL and CPA mobile affiliate network that focuses on education, environment, housing, finance and healthcare verticals.
Linking Mobile – Claims to be the UK’s first global mobile affiliate network. Offers its proprietary LinkMAX tracking technology to get realtime data.
Affil4you – Award-winning mobile affiliate network that focuses on the French and other European markets, as well as on adult-targeted content.
Mobile Cactus – Claims to be the biggest performance based affiliate network globally, offering CPA, CPL and Pay-Per-Call campaigns to affiliates. Based in Los Angeles.
Admobix – Performance based mobile network for advertisers, publishers and affiliates. Claims to have some of the industry’s highest payouts and offers robust reporting.
Neverblue Mobile – Performance-based CPA mobile marketing company that helps optimise  campaigns for online advertisers and provides affiliates with premium offers.
Moolah Media – Mobile CPA network that claims to have the highest converting app and text message offers available. Uses inbound calls, web forms and interactive SMS.
OfferMobi – Claims to be the first affiliate network to focus on the mobile web. Claims to have a wide range of offers for affiliates, including big brand names and exclusive campaigns.
Liquid Wireless – Mobile affiliate network that offers CPL and Cost Per Inquiry models. Focuses on the US market.
Apprupt – Performance marketing network that focuses on mobile apps. Says it aims to bring transparency to the mobile app affiliate market.
PlayFon – Affiliate network with over 5000 partners worldwide. Focuses on mobile websites and offers revenue share of up to 70% for affiliates.
RevForceCPA – CPA affiliate network that features mobile offers. Based in Canada.
AdPuppies – Mobile CPA network that provides access to mobile offers across a variety of verticals, such as dating, EDU, ringtones, financial and apps.
EWA – Private affiliate network that also has a number of mobile offers. Owned by Eagle Web Assets.
MundoMedia – Affiliate CPA network that also provides a large selection of mobile affiliate offers. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Wister – French/Global mobile affiliate network that gives affiliates a range of campaigns tailored to their site’s profile. Offers CPA and CPL models. Based in Paris.
MobAff – Mobile CPA network that operates as Private Affiliate Network Collective, giving partners access to shared legal expertise, training and affiliate tools. Based in Florida.
Mobilda – Mobile affiliate network owned by MarsMediaGroup. Provides a wide-range of campaigns and a fraud detection solution. Based in Israel.
MobXperience – Mobile and online performance network with inventory across online, mobile and tablets. Offers couponning, tagging and IVR.

Mobile landing page builders

A decent landing page and mobile website builder is essential for mobile affiliates. There are absolutely loads of easy-to-use mobile site builders out there and many of them are very similar when it comes to features and the user interface. Below we’ve rounded-up a small selection of landing page and site builders that are more geared toward mobile marketers, offering features such as a/b testing, forms and device targeting. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of mobile site builders then look no further than our directory of the best mobile site and app builders.
Fiddlefly mobile site builder tutorial

Wapple –Landing page and mobile website generator that has a focus on mobile marketing. Other mobile solutions offered, include custom design, mobile marketing and mobile strategy consultation.
Fiddlefly –Lets you create both landing pages and full mobile websites. Fiddlefly is built specifically for professional designers, marketing specialists, SEO managers and site managers.
PiJnz -Creates landing pages and mobile sites from scratch. Comes with a number of marketing-focused features. Also lets you create branded mobile directories.
MobDis – Platform that lets advertisers and designers create full mobile sites and landing pages. Clients include Media Corp, Crisp and Native Signal.
Atmio – Easy to use tool that lets you create landing pages and sites. Atmio features a number of marketing features such as web forms, click to call, and a/b split testing.
Google Mobile Landing Page Builder –Google’s mobile landing page builder is completely free to use and boasts Google Analytics integration, though it’s not the most feature-packed solution out there.
Jaemobi – Focuses on marketing landing pages and campaigns, as well as multi–page mobile websites,  Features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
LiveBall – Useful landing page creation tool that creates app-style pages for mobile. Also boasts device detection and the ability to deliver different pages to a variety of mobile device types.
Landr– Focuses purely on mobile page creation, and integrates a variety of different marketing features, such as QR codes and SMS.

Mobile affiliate tracking and analytics tools

If you want to make money from mobile then you’ll need to employ effective tracking and analytics. This is one area where mobile has lagged somewhat and has faced a particular set-backs, especially when it comes to tracking app conversions following Apple’s banning of UDIDs. Nevertheless, there’s a number of third party proprietary tracking solutions out there, as analytics companies scramble to take advantage over the lack of dominant standard. Below are some of the key tracking and analytic solutions that are useful for mobile affiliates. For a more comprehensive list of mobile analytic platforms take a look at our mobile analytics guide.
MobAffTracker – Tracking tool that lets marketers, affiliates and developers measure and track details of their mobile campaigns across all partners. Also boasts advanced analytics.
iMobiTracking – Allows affiliates and brands to effectively track referrers, IPs, OS, device types and manufacturers for campaigns that target tablets and smartphones.
MyRT – Mobile site analytics tool that allows you to track unique visitors, devices, OS brand and model data, and carrier data. Completely free to use.
iMetrix – Offers its proprietary iMetrix Mobile Analytics solution for mobile affiliates. advertisers and developers. The iMetrix platform provides data and tracking for device types, keywords and referrers, conversions of mobile transaction and more.
ClickTale – Tracking and analytics outfit that began life on desktop. ClickTale is currently offering a beta version of its new mobile tracking solution for developers, marketers and advertisers.
CoreMetrics – Marketing analytics suite from IBM. Lets you measure and optimise your marketing campaigns across both desktop websites and mobile channels.
ClickTale mobile analytics

Mobile affiliate resources

It’s always important to equip yourself with as much knowledge and know how as possible before you start trying to make money from any kind of mobile affiliate program. While there’s a lot of money to made in mobile advertising, it can take some trial and error, especially given how rapidly mobile is evolving. That’s why it’s always a good idea to learn from others who have more experience with mobile affiliate marketing. Below are a few forums and resources that are real fountains of knowledge and should be thoroughly explored before you jump in.
StackThatMoney – Private forum that features resources on mobile affiliate marketing, including the MobAff 14 day guide to mobile affiliate marketing.
IM Grind – Internet marketing site with a strong private forum containing plenty of discussion around mobile affiliate marketing.
Affiliates4U – Leading industry news site for the affiliate industry with the occasional article about mobile affiliates.
Human Demand – Offers a number of free tools for mobile affiliates and marketers, including website testers, device testers and a QR code generator.
HasOffers Infographics – Insightful infographic from HasOffers, explaining mobile affiliate marketing.
The Mobile Affiliate Marketing Guide