Mobile affiliate networks

Mobile affiliate marketing on mobile is a relatively new development, online, affiliate marketing is a huge business generating billions in revenue.  Historically, mobile advertising has focused on CPC or CPM based advertising – mobile affiliate marketing pays on the basis of CPA or Pay Per lead.    This can be very profitable if you find traffic that converts well – for example, you can easily get $5.00 for some programs for each registration, compared to a few cents for a click if you are using a mobile ad network like admob to make money from your mobile traffic.  Higher value mobile affiliate offers also open up the possibility of buying in mobile traffic from ad networks on an arbitrage basis as we have previously covered in our post on making money using admob PPC.
However, it’s not easy to find mobile affiliate networks to work with.   We’ve listed all of the networks active in mobile affiliate marketing over on our directory of mobile affiliate networks – here’s a review of some of the best.
Mobpartner is probably the biggest mobile affiliate network at the moment in terms of publishers with tens of thousands of affiliates.  They offer a range of programs from adult, to casino to applications, focused on the mobile web.   Mobpartner pay quickly via paypal and are a great alternative to using CPC networks such as admob.  Mobpartner do have many campaigns focused on particular countries but also a range of worldwide and international mobile affiliate programs.

Yeahmobi is a relatively new mobile CPA network.  They offer 100% fill rates and high quality offers ranging from mobile content to apps.  For advertisers and merchants they are offering services such as real time optimization.

Sponsormob runs a very successful CPA-based affiliate network for mobile and has recently launched an advanced tracking tool for iphone applications.  They offer a large number of high quality programs and have excellent tracking technology.
Liquid Wireless

Liquid Wireless is the leader in mobile lead generation programs and is very strong in the US market.  They offer a number of unique mobile CPA and pay per lead offers such as surveys, loan consolidation and other services.

Offermobi has recently launched a mobile affiliate network focused on the US.  They are running a number of campaigns and look like one to watch.  In particular, offermobi looks like it will offer a number of pay per call products.
Although mobile affiliate marketing is in the early days its well worth giving some of these networks a try.    The early people to get into affiliate marketing online made a fortune and the same could be true on mobile.  Let us know how you get on!

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