Monaca launches Localkit, ready for local mobile app development using Cordova


Monaca, a company that provides a mobile app development platform that uses Cordova, has launched Localkit, a development platform that’s powered by Monaca’s own cloud, but usable on the desktop.

Operating as a standalone program for Windows and Mac OS X, Localkit provides a simple-to-use user interface, and all of the main features found on its cloud platform. However, it can be used locally on your computer. There’s no setup needed either, and no SDKs to install, plus apps can be written locally using Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, and other tools.

Monaca has launched Localkit, for mobile app development on the desktop


Developers using Cordova to build mobile apps will find Monaca’s Localkit provides editing, debugging and testing features, plus local previews — either using a Wi-Fi sync, or the Monaca Debugger that works with a USB connection. The platform can also work remotely with Monaca Cloud.

A full rundown of all the features can be found on Monaca’s website, and developers interesting in trying it out can sign up for a 30-day evaluation period.