Mobilengine releases SDK for cloud-based, enterprise app development platform

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Mobile app development platform Mobilengine has launched an SDK for its new Unique Enterprise Mobile Development PaaS, where businesses are provided a single space to build and then test out custom made apps before deploying them to staff.

Mobilengine aims to make building enterprise workflow apps easy

The platform is designed for speed and ease of use, so developers can quickly create reliable workflow apps for employees, without the need for special tools or to deal with multiple platforms. Apps can be built for Android or iOS and then tested — at no cost — through Mobilengine’s developer cloud platform, ensuring they are ready for use in the field.

Adam Dalnoki, Mobilengine’s CEO, said:


“This is a unique development tool for our developer and consulting partners that want to enter the enterprise mobility space. The combination of a PaaS solution with an easy-to-use build tool is unprecedented and useful across many verticals and industries, as more employees and their managers demand workflow apps to improve productivity.”

By creating apps using Mobilengine’s new platform, developers will also be able to use the Mobilengine Build Tool, where a single app can be developed that’s suitable for multiple operating systems. Apps are published in the cloud, where they can be tested or moved to a production server, then worked on through a dedicated single URL.

Developers interested in using Mobilengine’s new PaaS can download the SDK here, which is free to use until the app is eventually deployed in the production environment in the company’s cloud. The company counts Vodafone, G4S, Citibank, and Siemens among its clients.