Mobile game developer Solitaire dealt a winning hand, gets acquired by Zynga

Andy Boxall

In App Deals

March 20, 2017


Zynga has acquired mobile game developer Solitaire for $42.5m, according to a statement published inside the gaming giant’s recent financial release. Solitaire has four mobile games available in Apple and Google’s app store, all centered around the card game from which the firm takes its name.

Zynga’s statement reads:

“On February 14, 2017, we purchased Solitaire mobile game applications from Harpan LLC for approximately $42.5 million in cash.”

Harpan is owned by two brothers, according to Business Insider, and publishes several other card-based mobile games. No other statement has been made regarding the future of Solitaire following the acquisition. Seeking Alpha speculates the deal has been made to increase Zynga’s mobile advertising revenue, thanks to Solitaire’s games spending time around the top of the charts in each store.