Mobile App Development Costs Infographic

Kate Abrosimova is a Director of Content at YalantisShe is an expert in content creation, editing, distribution, and meaningful measurement. Kate has written more than 250 articles on mobile technology, product development, and marketing. Her works can be seen on some top technology blogs, such as Smashing Magazine, Hypergrid Business,, and

Kate started creating content for Yalantis about three years ago. Now, Yalantis website attracts 45 thousand monthly visitors. is the main lead generation and sales channel for the organization. She likes creating things and inspiring people. 

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As of today, companies from all business verticals either have gone mobile or consider to make this step and want to make sure that they’ve chosen the right strategy. Mobile is the fastest growing sector of e-commerce, in a situation where customer had gone mobile, businesses had to follow. To reach out their prospects and clients, to streamline their business processes, companies needs a mobile app. Now, one of the core questions you, as a business owner need to address is – how much does it cost to develop an app? Find below the infographic composed by Yalantis mobile app development company that draws a picture, pun intended, for app development costs.


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