Analytics platform App Annie gives devs deeper insight into user demographics

Andy Boxall

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January 23, 2015

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Mobile app analysis platform App Annie has launched Audience Intelligence, a new feature which goes beyond its Store Intelligence service, to give developers more insight into user demographics.  It combines two primary sets of statistics – named Demographics and Related Apps – to build a detailed picture of an app user’s profile, and the other apps that person may use.

Data shown on App Annie’s new Demographics dashboard

app annie audience intel

The new feature is obviously another step toward understanding the value of app users, so that developers can steer away from taking a install-driven approach to app marketing, and thereby hopefully boost their return on investment. Not only will the data allow developers to better target other users based on demographic data, it will also let them know what other apps they can partner with, for cross-promotion and other direct deals.

Using the Demographic dashboard, Audience Intelligence provides estimates on an app user’s gender, age, income, and family size, and sorts them by individual app, country of origin, month, and app store. Search for a particular app in Related Apps, and the dashboard will show which competing apps share similar users, organised by month, country, and store.

App Annie’s Related Apps dashboard view

app annie audience intel2

Armed with this information, App Annie says Audience Intelligence will help its users identify different apps with a strong shared user base, better enabling direct advertising deals and partnerships to be established. Similarly, by applying this information to ad campaigns, marketers will able to attract more desirable new users. Additionally, the strategies employed by competitors can also be analysed to help target new users.

App Annie will continue building Audience Intelligence. Later this year, it will add Sentiment Analysis to the feature set, which will show which apps perform best, based on stability, usability, and app stickiness data. App Annie tracks 90% of the world’s top publishers, and 675,00 apps use it analytics. A demonstration of Audience Intelligence can be arranged by visiting App Annie’s website here.