Mobile affiliate marketing using PPC – using targeting to increase conversions

James Cooper

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April 16, 2010

Following last week’s post on using PPC mobile ad networks like admob for mobile affiliate marketing here’s an update – showing how using targeting can increase your conversions. The table below shows the results from changing targeting on PPC traffic from aiming at smartphones in general (iphone, android etc) to focus on a specific mobile operator network.  As you can see, targeting a specific operator increased the conversion rate from 2% to between 17%-19%.  The revenue per click increased from 1c to over 8c.
Conversions using PPC mobile advertising clicks – Smartphone vs Mobile Network based targeting

Day Targeting clicks conversions Conversion Rate Payout ($) Revenue per Click
1 Smartphone 725 11 2% 4.95 0.01
2 Network 564 107 19% 48.15 0.09
3 Network 703 121 17% 54.45 0.08
4 Network 537 97 18% 43.65 0.08

With each click costing just 5c this made the campaign ultra profitable – we are talking margins of nearly 100%. So the holy grail of mobile PPC arbitrage is possible, you just need the right targeting. In this case targeting a specific mobile network was better than targeting by handset.  The type of customer particular networks have can be a more attractive audience than that of a particular handset.   These type of targeting issues simply don’t arise in the online world, so there’s clearly plenty of opportunity out there for those (like us) that can get it right!

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