MoBack joins forces with Mobincube, providing hassle-free app development

Andy Boxall

In App Development

August 5, 2015


Mobile enterprise backend platform MoBack has teamed up with Mobincube, an app development platform, to provide its users with a quick and easy way to integrate backend APIs into mobile apps.

Mobincube has 650,000 registered users on its books, and each can now access MobBack’s data management, user authentication, notifications, and push API codes. For Moback users, Mobincube’s app editor can be used to easily create apps and user interfaces without having to code them.

Ignacio Roda, co-founder at Mobincube, said:


“Enabling non-developers to create mobile apps on their own has always been our passion. Mobincube helps non-technical and business professionals to convert their ideas into mobile apps and bring their product to market quickly. Our tie-up with moBack is an ambitious one which involves helping non-technical professionals become full-stack app developers without the need for writing a single line of code.”

Users can create code-free mobile apps using Mobincube’s platform, and the company has partnered with MoBack for greater flexibility

MoBack provides a private mobile backend or a fully managed service, while Mobincube is a do-it-yourself system through which Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps can be built without any coding knowledge.