Meerkat opens up developer API to grow live streaming platform

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Live streaming video app Meerkat has announced an API, and is encouraging developers to build on its platform. There are already 37 teams building products based on Meerkat, but the company singled out Meerkat Streams, Meerkat Stats, and Katch as examples of other developers using the platform with success.

Meerkat itself shot into the public eye near the beginning of the year, before being blocked from Twitter, the social network with which it was tightly integrated.

In a blog post announcing the API, the company said:

“There is a lot more to be done with video live streaming and we are here to support you. Live streaming is being reimagined by mobile and this is just the beginning.”

Meerkat app lets users live stream video to people via a smartphone


The new API differentiates Meerkat from Twitter’s own competing Periscope app, and according to founder Ben Rubin in a conversation with TechCrunch, could help the app push past what he described as the “Hello World and What I’m Having for Breakfast” phase. Other differences between the two include Meerkat’s live-only streaming system. Using the API, developers can take all current or scheduled streams, along with comments and watchers, and integrate them into new environments.

You can apply for an API key on Meerkat’s website, or read its developer guidelines here. Meerkat is available for Android and iOS smartphones.