Marketers allocating more budget to mobile app and website development in 2017

app marketing budget

The majority of mobile marketers plan to increase the budget allocated to apps and websites in 2017, or to keep it the same as in 2016. Only 2% will decrease the allocation, according to data from Adobe, presented by eMarketer.

Mobile website development will see the larger increase, with 69% stating the budget will go up, against 60% for mobile apps. More mobile app budgets will stay the same, at 38%, than mobile website budgets at 29%.

Cathy Boyle, principal analyst at eMarketer, said:

“These findings suggest that businesses are recognizing mobile is not a single channel. Rather, smartphones and tablets provide access to two channels—mobile websites and apps. While the former offers substantial reach because there is little friction in accessing a mobile website, apps offer an opportunity to create a brand presence on the device and give consumers a slicker, potentially more personalized experience that can engender loyalty and drive sales.”

Despite the budget allocations being larger for websites, Adobe points out that apps have a higher priority in businesses than mobile websites. Its data shows at the end of last year, 40% prioritized apps, against 24% for mobile websites. A total of 21% said both apps and the web received an equal level of prioritization.