Make push notifications easy with new Pushkin framework, and it’s free to use

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Game developer Nordeus says it has been successfully using push notifications to help drive user retention in its Top Eleven football game since launch. After developing a few tools to help make its notifications better, it eventually came up with a lightweight, open source framework of its own. It’s called Pushkin, and it’s available for free to any developer that wants to use it.

There are two main modes:

  • Issue a direct notification through the game server to the user.
  • Pushkin will react to game events for certain users, and if a notification is warranted, it’ll make its own and send it out. Pushkin is notified when a user logs into a game using the device ID, and is aware of the language used.

Newly released Pushkin manages push notifications for your game

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To use the game event notifications, you’ll need to pre-load messages into the API, after which a message is all that’s needed to prompt action. The Message API has various protections in place to avoid notifications spam, plus it supports deep linking.

Pushkin supports Android and iOS, using Google and Apple’s notification and message services, plus the team plans to integrate Facebook and Chrome notifications in at a later date. You can find out more by visiting Pushkin’s website here.