Johnny Two Shoes: App Developer Chat


Welcome to another editor of App Developer Chat. This time around we exchanged a few email Qs with UK-based developer Joshua Slade-Scott who runs Johnny Two Shoes, a multiple award-winning mobile game developer based in Shoreditch, London. Johnny Two Shoes has developed over 17 Flash games, such as the popular Heist, and iOS games, such as the critically-acclaimed Plunderland. Johnny Two Shoes is currently working on the upcoming iOS game Prevail.

Joshua Scott-Slade: App Developer Chat


How long have you been developing apps?

About five years

What mobile apps have you published?

High Speed Chase


And still working on Prevail

What are your favourite development tools?

Xcode does a good job, but for our latest game Prevail we also built our own set of tools for content creation and management. Im looking towards using Unity for future games.

What’s the worst thing about being an app developer today?

The unknowns, working on something for so long in isolation can be challenging.

What’s the best thing?

Being able to innovate and create experiences enjoyed by so many people, having that experience in your pocket ready to show someone at any moment.

Gameplay trailer for Prevail by JohnnyTwoShoes

Last app you installed?

Citymapper, really helpful for getting around London.

Last app you deleted?

Crossy Road, just didn’t enjoy it.

Which mobile app developer do you admire and why?

2dBoy they made the lovely World of Goo, one of the best Indie games out there. Still a classic to this day.

UsTwo for Monument Valley, they have really grown into an impressive game development studio, we used to share desk space in their offices so got to watch them grow and mature.

What tips do you have for budding mobile indie devs out there?

Try and create something unique, its more likely going to get attention for being different. Concentrate on quality, make sure you love what you’re making.

Do you ever get drunk and code at the same time?

Sometimes, but not always with good results. Waking up the next morning to debug what you’ve done isn’t all that fun ;).

For more info on Johhny Two Shoes’ games head over to the website.