Google boosts Android game development with new C/C++ libraries

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Google has announced the release of a new set of libraries and tools for Android developers using C/C++.

The fplutil 1.0 open source release was created by Fun Propulsion Labs, a team within Google that specialises in facilitating game development on Google’s mobile platform. Of course, Android development has traditionally been easier with Java, but that’s being steadily addressed with each new native development kit and this latest release will certainly help speed things along for those devs who prefer C/C++ (and there are plenty of them).

According to Google’s developer blog, fplutil 1.0 contains the following:

  •, an all-in-one build script that allows you to build (with the Android NDK), install and run native (C/C++) Android apps from the command line. This is ideal for build automation, but is also useful in a developer’s compile/run loop.
  • buildutil performs the configuration, build and archive steps of Android and Linux C/C++ applications using a suite of Python modules. This suite of modules can automate builds in a continuous integration environment. This framework uses legacy tools in the Android Development Toolkit.
  • libfplutil enables C/C++ developers to write traditional applications (like Hello World) using “main()” and “printf()” on Android.
  • is a desktop tool that enables native (C/C++) developers to measure the CPU utilization of their applications on Android, guiding their optimization efforts.

An example report from fplutil’s CPU measurement tool


To download the latest release head over to the github page. If you’re looking for development platforms that support C/C++, take a look at our directory.