China’s 360 Games attracts international game developers with its Super360 Strategy

Andy Boxall

In App Development

March 22, 2016

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Chinese mobile game platform and publisher 360 Games has launched a new initiative called Super360, to attract international games developers to publish their games in China with the company. The complex strategy includes extensive support, an ad SDK, and a security system.

Alex Xu, the president of 360 Games, said:

“With our SUPER360° Strategy and newly launched initiatives, we believe game developers around the world will find compelling reasons to publish their games with 360 Games in China. We are confident we can take overseas games to our increasing millions of users as proven by our track record with the world’s leading developers such as Electronic Arts and Big Fish Games.”

Super 360 is 360 Games initiative to attract international games developers to publish games with the company

super 360

The Super360 Strategy consists of five elements:

  • Developer support throughout the process.
  • Access to 360 Games 800 million mobile user base
  • Experience in the sector, and in the Chinese market
  • Exclusive publishing agreements
  • Ongoing support after publication, encouraging ecosystem growth

Additionally, 360 Games mobile ad SDK gives developers 100% retention of mobile ad revenue, while the security system, called 360 AppShield, prevents code cracking and the release of copycat apps.

Developers interested in knowing more about partnership with 360 Games in China should visit its developer website here.