Business mobile app platform MobileSmith 4.0 launches, makes developing apps even easier

Andy Boxall

In App Development

September 29, 2015

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MobileSmith has released version 4.0 of its MobileSmith mobile app development platform, with a host of new features to assist those without programming skills to create custom smartphone apps for business use.

Bob Dieterie, COO of MobileSmith, said:

bob dieterie

“Five years ago, everyone just wanted to launch a mobile app. Today, enterprises are realizing that they need to design for mobile first to engage with their customers and employees. MobileSmith 4.0 delivers to this need by empowering business leaders to quickly produce beautiful, truly useful apps in a matter of days – without having to write any code.”

MobileSmith provides non-developers with tools to make simple mobile apps


There are three key new features in MobileSmith 4.0:

  • Rest API integration. This enables data exchange between backend systems and app pages on-demand.
  • OAuth 2.0. Use existing authorization systems for mobile apps, allowing users to make use of current login profiles.
  • Updated UI and workflow. Native iOS and Android apps can be built without prior development knowledge, using the new interface.

MobileSmith will hold a webinar on October 1 that introduces version 4.0 of the software, and it can be viewed here after signing up. Otherwise, find out more about MobileSmith 4.0 here.