App marketers take note: mobile push notifications with emojis are opened 85% more often than those without

According to new research from mobile marketing firm, Leanplum, push notifications with emojis get up to 85% more opens. This trend is partly driven by consumer’s love for emojis and shows that emojis drive conversions.
The new report is based on Leanplum’s mobile marketing platform which tracks 10 billion user actions a day. The company analysed 2.6 billion push notifications and found that emoji-driven notifications are a good way of engaging with end users and ultimately increase conversions.

In 2016, push notifications were used 163% more often than the previous year.

Interestingly, Android emoji push notifications tend to be opened 135% more often than those without emojis whilst iOS notifications with emojis get opened just 50% more often than those without.

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Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum co-founder and CEO, explains:

“Today’s app users demand delightful content to engage with. This means marketers have to deliver mobile messaging campaigns that resonate with emotion on an individual level and at scale. This report confirms, along with first-hand conversations with customers, that emojis help drive higher open rates, greater conversions, and deepen user connections.”

The enriched notifications also increased conversions. In A/B testing, emojis led to a 9% increase in users who clicked the notification’s call-to-action.

Indeed, design app Canva ran an A/B test comparing emojis against images and found that emojis outperformed the image variations by 9%.

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Emojis can also lift app retention rates. Indeed, emoji push notifications led to a 28% increase in day two retention, boosting app adoption.

Leanplum also revealed the 25 top emojis which are more likely to increase push notification open rates.

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With app store revenue increasing 80% over the last two years and time spent in apps up 95%, app engagement strategies are becoming vital tools for developers to ensure their app audiences grow.

Amir Ghodrati, Director of Market Insights, App Annie, who helped compile this report, concludes:

“Improving re-engagement and retention are two of the most impactful ways that publishers can get the most out of their apps. When you see examples of emojis helping to contribute to a 28 percent increase in day two user retention, that goes a long way toward increasing the lifetime value of every single download for those apps. It’s important for mobile marketers to note how significant push notifications, and the creative methods that go into driving users back to apps, will continue to increase interaction.”