19% of developers are working on VR and AR projects, and games rule the category

In total, 19% of developers polled by Slashdata are working on either virtual reality or augmented reality projects, and games represent the majority of them. Additionally, most developers involved spend less time working on VR/AR software that doesn’t fit into the gaming category.

Slashdata polled more than 21,000 developers at the end of 2017, and showed Oculus Rift is the most popular platform for VR development, with 61% working on games for the headset, while only 33% are working on non-games.

However, while the split is similar for HTC Vive (shown on the chart as Steam VR+) at 54% compared to 32%, Google Cardboard has a slightly more even split. The data shows 42% are working on games, while 32% are working on other projects for the mobile VR/AR headset.

Google’s Daydream View, which requires better smartphone hardware to operate than Google Cardboard, skews towards gaming again, with 33% working on VR game projects, and only 19% on non-games.