Sonata launches global mobile advertising platform with advanced location targeting

Peter Keung

In Mobile Advertising. April 10, 2015

A newly built platform enables brands to create custom audience segmentation based on consumer location. Sonata, a subsidiary of premium European advertising network, TAPTAP, says that its platform is the first of its kind to structure ads by geo-contextual and geo-behavioural user patterns. Based on actual consumer behaviour, it greatly improves the accuracy of a brand’s mobile ad targeting.
Alvaro del Castillo, Founder and CEO of TAPTAP Networks, says:

“Where you are is who you are. Location history brings unique behavioural data that is closely related to our interests at a point in time. Our technology takes us a step further; it enables brands to attribute digital efforts with real world results and optimise and retarget from there. Global, national and local brands are now able to measure real return on ad spend in the digital and physical world within one platform.”

The tool combines data such as weather and location for advertisers to more accurately target and profile consumers. Success is measure in real-time through online and offline attribution, driving brand engagement and ultimately sales.
What geo-targeting looks like in Sonata
Sonata partners include clients in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and retail sectors.
Margarita Rodriguez, Advertising Senior Manager at Hyundai, confirms the success of Sonata:

“We have seen a lift of test drivers after applying geo-behavioral targeting plus location based retargeting to our campaigns.”

In addition, Sonata recently appointed Lara Mehanna to the position of General Manager, VP Sales and Business Development. Lara offers over 15 years of leadership and sales expertise in digital and mobile marketing. Her previous clients include AOL, Millennial Media, and DataXu.