Majority of mobile users don’t wake up with particular app in mind

Anne Freier | November 22, 2019

App Business

The majority of mobile device users (59%), do not have a particular app in mind when they first use their phones in the morning. That’s according to new research by Mobile Posse.

The study also found that more consumers are now using their devices to read news and perform utility tasks. However, one in four admits that the news they read make them feel depressed.

Around 65% of Gen Z check their phones whilst still in bed.

Young audiences have a stronger preference for reading news via social networks. 20% of Gen Z like to read the news on their social feed compared to 3.8% of Baby Boomers.

Social media is used for news reading by 31.7% of Gen compared to 30% of millennials and 6.2% of Baby Boomers.

Compared to older audiences, Gen Z is interested in reading something interesting and joyful when they first wake up. Baby Boomers prefer to learn something about the weather than read something to make them happy.

“The mobile landscape is increasingly competitive with players jockeying for position like Facebook’s recent launch of News Tab, Samsung replacing Bixby Home with Samsung Daily, and a multitude of others like CNN, Twitter, OTT players, wireless carriers and more trying to make it easier for consumers to view their news and content,” said Gregory Wester, CMO, Mobile Posse. “This research makes it clear that the race for consumer attention starts from the moment a user wakes up, and the players that remove the friction from the process and make it easy for consumers to access the content they want will win in the end.”

77.5% of Gen Z want to connect with friends first thing in the morning compared to 38.4% of baby boomers.

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