Consumers are open to using self-scanning mobile apps in-store

Mobile devices have changed the way we interact with each other, but also brands and companies. Smartphones in particular have become ubiquitous in our lives and ever more consumers are using their handhelds in-store to research products and compare prices (63%).

This has enhanced the shopping experience for the consumer, but at the same time opened up opportunities for retailers.

According to a new study by BRP Consulting, 33% of consumers frequently use their mobile devices to make a purchase, whilst 41% are planning to do so over the next 24 months.

When in-store, 34% of respondents said they used their phone to compare prices whilst 28% looked for offers and coupons online.

Interestingly, 44% of consumers would also be interested in shopping with retailers which offer self-scanning apps to check out with minimal assistance. However, just 8% of retailers were offering scan-and-pay (POS) solutions in 2018, up to 22% in 2019.

Retailers however have picked up on the mobile trend and are implementing more information into their mobile services including enhanced product information, mobile coupons, mobile loyalty services, prior purchase visibility and shopping lists.

Three-quarters of retailers also plan to provide mobile solutions to their associates to boost the consumer experience over the next three years.

However, 72% of retailers do not currently have solutions installed that could help identify loyal customers.

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