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Featured The Mobile Analytics Taxonomy Spreadsheet The Taxonomy Spreadsheet will help you maintain a good overview of everything you're currently tracking and the state of each data point. Featured The Creative Playbook for Performance Marketing A framework to channel creativity into systematic processes that ensure incremental - and scaleable - creative hits. Featured [Guide] 5 Data-led Growth Strategies for Mobile Apps In this guide, you’ll find five data-led growth strategies to help you increase user retention, decrease churn, and deliver a more perfect mobile customer experience, as told by industry experts from Yodel Mobile and FullStory. Featured The Subscription Stack A comprehensive framework for mobile subscription businesses, taking in user acquisition, engagement, and retention. Featured Elevate Your App Growth: The 2024 ASO White Paper is Here! Learn how to optimize your app in 2024 with our free ASO Whitepaper. Get the latest ASO trends from the experts at Gummicube! Unlock opportunities to expand visibility and engagement, boost conversion and increase downloads. Featured Custom Product Pages Playbook The complete CPP Playbook, from Custom Product Page use cases and designs to measuring CPP performance. Featured Master Global User Growth: Insights from SocialPeta’s Trend White Paper SocialPeta has released the 2023 Global Mobile Games Marketing Trend White Paper, a comprehensive report spanning over 70 pages. Filled with cutting-edge data and industry insights, this report aims to empower gaming professionals to thrive in the global market. Featured Mastering App Growth in 2023: Insights From Category Leaders What makes category leaders succeed in 2023? Unlock the full research and discover the blueprint for long-term app growth, including insights from 600+ top brands. Featured Maximize User Acquisition With Machine Learning Solve the puzzle of user acquisition with AI. Improve marketing efficiency, make informed campaign decisions, and beat your KPIs with the help of predictions. Featured App Store Peer Group Benchmarks Dashboard Monitor key metrics across various App Store categories, enabling you to benchmark your app’s performance over time. Featured 100 Growth Hacks to Grow Your App Let’s keep this simple. You’re here because you want to grow your app. You’re after the tips and tricks that make customers download, stay active, and convert. With over 100 marketing hacks, we're sure you'll find something amazing! Featured The Complete Guide to Promotional Content and In-App Events Promotional Content Events (PCEs) and In-App Events (IAEs) are a powerful means to attract and engage users. In this Playbook we run through common strategies based on best practices developed at Phiture. Featured Identity: Decoded – A guide to navigate the identity discussion Whether you’re an app developer or advertiser, you’ll find timely, actionable ideas and insights in “Identity: Decoded.” Packed with insights from experts across the industry, this ebook is a must-read for anyone in ad tech. Featured Want To Scale Your App To 1M Users? Get The 10 Questions Every App Business Owner Needs to Answer To Turn Their App Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business App Store Optimization Services Buyers guide This guide is dedicated to featuring the best App Store Optimization service providers. In it we define what is ASO agency, how to choose the right one and what companies to approach. Push Notifications Services Buyers Guide In this guide, we highlight the best Push Notifications service providers to choose from. It consists of platforms, marketing companies, and push notifications APIs. App Store Optimization Guide Download this guide to learn the full spectrum of the App Store Optimization techniques and leverage the search as one of the most effective app marketing tools you need to beat your competition. 7 Trends in App Engagement Download our 7 Trends in App Engagement Guide, covering the seven most important app engagement trends and strategies to keep an eye out for in 2024. MMP Buyers Guide Your guide to the MMP landscape. Learn everything you need to evaluate and select the perfect MMP for your app. The COMPLETE 2022 Guide To App Marketing What worked well in 2021 will not work in 2022. In this 39-Page Guide, you will discover what's working now for the most successful apps in the world today. The app ecosystem is one of the fastest-moving industries on...

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