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Featured The App Marketer’s Handbook for iOS 15 User Acquisition With Product Page Optimization, In-App Events, and Custom Product pages becoming available for developers, it is time to start implementing these features into your app growth framework. Filled with insights from industry-leading companies and experts, this guide covers everything you need to... Featured How to Make a Health & Fitness App Successful – Using Lifestyle Marketing to Get Results Get an insider look at how Health & Fitness apps become leaders in their category. You’ll get access to how-to’s and examples of how to use lifecycle marketing strategies to achieve app growth results. Featured A Deep-Dive Into ASO Keyword Research Learn how to find and prioritize your target keywords, discover how to localize your app, and understand ASO best practices with this deep dive into ASO keyword research. Featured Master The Gaming Niche: A Guide to Advertising Your Gaming App Whether you’re new to the mobile app marketing world or an expert wanting to dominate the gaming niche, this comprehensive eBook from AdAction will give you guidance and inspiration for a refreshed strategy that converts. Featured India & Southeast Asia FinTech App Industry Report 2022 by Affle’s MAAS & Adjust Deep dive into the scope of the FinTech industry in INSEA with insights on developing mobile user acquisition campaigns. It compares user behavior across FinTech sub categories to draw derivatives on where the market is going. Featured Consumer Survey – The Mobile Customer Imperative Learn how to optimize your MAX to drive app user engagement, performance and innovation. Featured Adjust’s Mobile App Trends 2022 Adjust’s Mobile App Trends 2022: A global benchmark of app performance takes a deep dive into the trends shaping the mobile app industry, equipping advertisers with actionable insights to drive app growth in 2022. Featured [eBook] Practical Privacy – 8 Privacy Principles and Practices for Building Better Mobile App Experiences When it comes to consumer privacy on mobile, businesses operate in a world of constantly changing expectations. Learn the 8 privacy practices you must take to deliver better mobile app experiences. Featured The mobile streaming report 2021 Discover the key trends influencing the huge growth in mobile streaming. Download the report today. Featured How did Product Madness retain 12% more high-value users with retargeting? How did Product Madness retain 12% more high-value users with retargeting? “Our initial campaign focus was ROAS, but we decided to switch over to measuring incrementality which we feel shows the real value of retargeting. Adikteev made this change possible... Featured The Full Guide to App Store Optimisation (ASO) in 2022 How do you climb the App Store Rankings in 2022? Learn how to optimise your listing, boost your download rate, and gain loyal users. Implement expert growth marketing hacks and take your app marketing to outer space! Featured Want To Scale Your App To 1M Users? Get The 10 Questions Every App Business Owner Needs to Answer To Turn Their App Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business Featured ASO Benchmarks and Mobile Trends 2022 Report ● SplitMetrics Equip yourself with practical insights into ASO, discover key benchmarks, and get a deeper understanding of the emerging mobile market trends. The research is based on 2000+ A/B tests via SplitMetrics Optimize. Featured iOS 15 Checklist: How to Prepare Your ASO Strategy iOS 15 will revolutionize ASO strategies and AppTweak is here to guide you through these changes. Get a free copy of our detailed iOS 15 checklist with a recap of the new features, information and tips you need to... Featured mFilterIt stamps out invalid traffic for a global eCommerce player A globally recognized eCommerce player was able to weed out invalid traffic with mFilterIt's ad traffic validation tool. This resulted in prodigious savings and improvement in overall metrics. Featured The Trends You Need to Know: Dive into this Extensive Report These key trends can help make or break your monetization strategy. This extensive (and free) report gives you the insights you need to boost your revenue. What are you waiting for? Featured Acquire more paying users from your Facebook campaigns This guide for app marketers will help you increase those elusive paying users and see a higher return on your Facebook marketing investment. Packed full of expert tips and tricks to acquire more paying users with targeted Facebook marketing campaigns.... Featured Apple Search Ads Benchmarks 2022 | SplitMetrics Explore banchmarks for TTR, CR, CPT and CPA and measure your Apple Search Ads performance results and costs against category standards. The research is based on analysis of 15 App Store categories and 61 Apple Search Ads markets. Featured [E-book] 9 Experience Trends in 2022 for the Mobile Consumer A lingering pandemic, continuing supply chain and inflation concerns, and preference for all things mobile means both customers and brands are relying more than ever on apps. How will this macro trend play out in 2022? Will customers continue... Featured The What, Why and how of the Algorithmic Segmentation Algorithmic segmentation, or machine learning-based audience segments can help you identify the highest value users for your app re-engagement campaigns. Machine learning predictions automatically create custom user segments, ensuring that app marketers deliver their ads to the most relevant... Featured Predictive analytics: Discover the best strategy to maximize LTV post-IDFA With Apple’s ATT framework rollout, app marketers are losing access to unique user identifiers across platforms. Predictive analytics can help marketers navigate this new environment, offering a way to predict user LTV, user churn potential, and help keep users... Featured AppGallery Game Fest eBook Learn about how AppGallery, a top 3 global app marketplace, supported 13 of the world’s most forward-thinking game developers to reach new audiences across the globe and champion their games during the Global Game Fest Campaign. Featured The Mobile Analytics Taxonomy Spreadsheet The Taxonomy Spreadsheet will help you maintain a good overview of everything you're currently tracking and the state of each data point. Featured Developers Guide to HMS Core Interested in learning more about the world of HMS Core from Huawei? This Guide has been designed to help you get to grips with the offering before getting started. Featured Phiture’s CPP Playbook In our new CPP Playbook, Phiture's team of mobile growth experts go into the specifics of Custom Product Pages taking in the definition, use cases, design, and how to link CPPs to various traffic sources. Finally, we discuss measuring the... Featured THE APP-OCALYPSE APP MARKETING HAS FALLEN INTO RUIN. AMIDST ALL THE POST-COOKIE AND IDFA MAYHEM, ONE DARING APP DEVELOPER TRIES TO FIND A SOLUTION AND ESCAPE THIS PAYING USER ACQUISITION NIGHTMARE. WILL HE SUCCEED? DOWNLOAD OUR COMIC TO FIND OUT. Featured [Guide] 5 Data-led Growth Strategies for Mobile Apps In this guide, you’ll find five data-led growth strategies to help you increase user retention, decrease churn, and deliver a more perfect mobile customer experience, as told by industry experts from Yodel Mobile and FullStory. Featured [Report] Combating Mobile App Churn Together with industry leaders at OneSignal, we provide strategic advice, frameworks, and case studies that will help you reduce user churn at each stage of the user lifecycle. Featured Custom Product Pages Playbook by SplitMetrics Get 10 tips to increase TTR and scale your Apple Search Ads with ad variations based on custom product pages. Learn how you can create a seamless user acquisition journey and and get a 2X ROAS growth. Featured Phiture’s BRAIN framework template for CRM teams The BRAIN framework is a new framework for CRM teams geared towards tackling a specific challenge, resulting in a prioritized action plan. It’s written to be broad enough for any team or setup, making it ideal for any kind... Featured Boost your App Marketing Knowledge Whether you're a beginner or already familiar with ASO & ASA, our courses are designed to help you boost your app's user acquisition. Written by experts, each chapter is based on hands-on tips, guides and best practice examples. Featured VTA: Leverage the metric most app marketeers are neglecting Many app marketers rely on CTA to determine the effectiveness of their retargeting campaigns, but what if they're only getting half the story? By measuring VTA, app marketers can see the full picture of their campaign performance, and ensure they're... The COMPLETE 2022 Guide To App Marketing What worked well in 2021 will not work in 2022. In this 39-Page Guide, you will discover what's working now for the most successful apps in the world today. The app ecosystem is one of the fastest-moving industries on...

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