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Featured Want To Scale Your App To 1M Users? Get The 10 Questions Every App Business Owner Needs to Answer To Turn Their App Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business Featured [Guide] 5 Data-led Growth Strategies for Mobile Apps In this guide, you’ll find five data-led growth strategies to help you increase user retention, decrease churn, and deliver a more perfect mobile customer experience, as told by industry experts from Yodel Mobile and FullStory. Featured Get More Brand Dollars for Your App Download the guide about the tremendous opportunity for mobile app developers to capture new brand revenue, while keeping your performance budgets - and maintaining a great experience for your users. Featured Phiture’s CPP Playbook In our new CPP Playbook, Phiture's team of mobile growth experts go into the specifics of Custom Product Pages taking in the definition, use cases, design, and how to link CPPs to various traffic sources. Finally, we discuss measuring the... Featured The Mobile Analytics Taxonomy Spreadsheet The Taxonomy Spreadsheet will help you maintain a good overview of everything you're currently tracking and the state of each data point. Featured Phiture’s BRAIN framework template for CRM teams The BRAIN framework is a new framework for CRM teams geared towards tackling a specific challenge, resulting in a prioritized action plan. It’s written to be broad enough for any team or setup, making it ideal for any kind... Featured Acquire more paying users from your Facebook campaigns This guide for app marketers will help you increase those elusive paying users and see a higher return on your Facebook marketing investment. Packed full of expert tips and tricks to acquire more paying users with targeted Facebook marketing campaigns.... Featured A Beginners Guide to Designing Mobile Ads Building and validating engaging creatives has become even more crucial to app marketing success in the privacy-first era. In our guide to designing mobile ads we look at everything you need to know when creating assets for your retargeting... Featured mFilterIt stamps out invalid traffic for a global eCommerce player A globally recognized eCommerce player was able to weed out invalid traffic with mFilterIt's ad traffic validation tool. This resulted in prodigious savings and improvement in overall metrics. Featured THE APP-OCALYPSE APP MARKETING HAS FALLEN INTO RUIN. AMIDST ALL THE POST-COOKIE AND IDFA MAYHEM, ONE DARING APP DEVELOPER TRIES TO FIND A SOLUTION AND ESCAPE THIS PAYING USER ACQUISITION NIGHTMARE. WILL HE SUCCEED? DOWNLOAD OUR COMIC TO FIND OUT. The COMPLETE 2022 Guide To App Marketing What worked well in 2021 will not work in 2022. In this 39-Page Guide, you will discover what's working now for the most successful apps in the world today. The app ecosystem is one of the fastest-moving industries on...

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