Microsoft launches Application Insight SDK to encourage Java web app development

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To encourage Java developers to create web apps using Microsoft’s platforms, the company has launched a new version of its Visual Studio Application Insights analytics platform SDK, specifically for Java. Announced at EclipseCon in San Francisco earlier in March, the newly updated SDK provides developers with valuable information related to Java web app performance.

An example of Application Insights Metrics Explorer

MS App Insights 1

The cloud-based service shows developers how apps are being used, gives in-depth analysis in usage patterns, plus reports on HTTP request, event and metric tracking. Once the SDK has been incorporated into an app, data is sent to the Application Insights web portal, where it can be viewed and alerts set up.

Microsoft’s Application Insights also gives developers an overview of app health, with data on send request time, response time, server requests, and failed requests. The analytics also break down which browsers have been used to view the web app, country lists, and the average amount of time spent on each session. All the data is presented in easy-to-understand graphs.

Application Insights provides a detailed overview of Java app health

MS App Insights 2

Microsoft has provided comprehensive instructions on how to add Application Insights to your web app, along with a list of the software that’s needed before starting out. Additional scripts can be added once the SDK has been installed.