Magic xpa 3.0 enable rapid mobile development


Magic Software Enterprises, a software platforms provider, recently announced the launch of its Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, which expands capabilities in mobile development and in-memory data grid technology. The platform enables developers to create mobile, web and desktop apps for enterprise. As a one-stop solution, businesses get to create powerful apps with single skill sets. Apps are fully supported and maintained with the help of Magic xpa.

Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0 eases the enterprise app development into a simpler process

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Ami Ries, Vice President, Research and Development, Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. says:


“As mobile enterprise apps become increasingly critical to business success, enterprises need a robust environment that can scale up for Big Data and that can accelerate enterprise app development. Our new Magic xpa 3.0 capabilities speed the development process while helping ensure the best possible user experience for enterprise apps, even under the most demanding requirements.”

The solution is code-free and hence makes for a simpler and more cost-effective development and deployment tool to create, run and schedule cross-platform business apps. Having tested the solution, Stephan Sachse, managing partner of Datenlotsen, an educational IT digital systems provider, finds: 


“Our initial tests of our flagship CampusNet app using Magic xpa 3.0 with its new state-of-the-art IMDG architecture show that it is running at 2 to 3 times faster than with the earlier version. In addition to the superior performance, we are excited about the ease of scaling up and the fault-tolerance provided by the new In-Memory Computing capabilities. Our developers are also happy with the new Visual Studio-based form editor that makes it faster to implement changes and create mobile apps.”

Magic xpa 3.0 is part of the company’s Enterprise Mobility Solution. That includes the Magic Integration Platform, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Professional Services, which offer a fully integrated and cost-effective way for businesses to provide enterprise mobile apps to their customers.

Magic Software Solutions Ltd recently reported slightly lower than expected earnings of $40.3m compared to $40.9m year-over due to foreign currency devaluation. The company said it remained committed to growth and plans to continue strategic acquisitions this year.