Layer takes in-app messaging platform public, launches Atlas UI framework for developers

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

March 17, 2015


Layer, the company that wants to help app developers easily integrate reliable chat systems into their apps, has made its service public, and released a simple, lightweight UI toolkit called Atlas to help developers achieve this goal.

Launched as a beta back in 2013, Layer currently works with around 1,500 developers, a number which is about to increase considerably following the public launch. To help developers get started, and to lessen the hassle of creating a chat system from the ground up, it has debuted Atlas.

An example of Atlas in-app messaging

Atlas Examples

This framework can be used as it is, and creates a generic iMessage-style chat panel, but developers can customise it according to their needs – from changing fonts to adding emoji, location awareness, or delivery status – and avoiding any recurring bugs or errors. This can reduce development time from months to weeks.

Layer prices its service depending on the amount of monthly active users the app has, with up to 25,000 costing $99 each month, while it also provides a free option to those with less than 1000 users or have yet to launch.

Ron Palmeri, Layer’s CEO and founder, explained why Atlas is so important:


“We make it easy for the smaller teams to get started using Layer, allowing them to focus on creating a great experience for their users, and hopefully to become a massive success down the road. We assumed initially that people would want a service and an API, and they would want to do their own client-side development. But we got enough requests for sample code, we realized that if we invested enough time and energy, it would really be helpful.”

Those interested in Layer and the Atlas framework can sign-up for more information on Layer’s website.