Bumble brings short-form video craze to dating apps, hoping to drive engagement

Andy Boxall

In App Engagement

January 11, 2017

Bumble App

Dating app Bumble is about to become the latest to support short-form video, a feature expected to rise in popularity over the coming year. The feature will allow users to upload and share a 10-second clip that will expire after 24-hours to their profile.

In addition to a live video, a pre-recorded video clip can also be uploaded, but only if it has been taken over the previous 24 hours. App users will see who has viewed the video, and can add their own drawings to the clip to make it stand out even further.

Short-form video that deletes itself after a period of time was pioneered by Snapchat, and has since been adopted by Instagram and other apps, such as Snow. Bumble expects it to boost the app’s user engagement, by encouraging people to visit and spend longer viewing profiles. Bumble, like Tinder, is a swipe-based dating app, a format that’s not easy to enhance without adding complex new features.

The feature is likely to arrive as an update over the next few weeks.