Ayla Networks new Agile Mobile App Platform helps companies quickly produce IoT-ready apps

Ayla logo CMYK

Ayla Networks, which produces a platform to help companies connect devices to the Internet of Things, has launched the Agile Mobile Application Platform, designed to help those same companies write custom mobile apps to control that hardware. Ayla claims that by using the AMAP, it could speed up the development process by up to six times.

Ayla Network’s AMAP works with Ayla’s cloud servers to power IoT hardware


The platform comes with 85% of the coding and development already completed, leaving manufacturers with the task of adding branding, product-specific details, and a custom skin for the app.

David Friedman, CEO of Ayla Networks, said:


“Few manufacturers possess the sophisticated software engineering and user-interface design expertise to develop mobile applications that meet end users’ high expectations for a mobile app user experience. Ayla exists to handle the underlying complexity of making IoT connectivity work, freeing manufacturers to focus on their core expertise in making great versions of whatever they do best—whether it’s a smart plug, a thermostat, a water heater or a home appliance. By using the Ayla IoT platform in general, and AMAP in particular, manufacturers can get better products to market faster and more affordably, with far less risk and while delivering an excellent user experience.”

AMAP can be used to develop both Android and iOS apps used to control any type of connected device. It contains pre-built code for commonly expected features including device setup, user registration, connectivity controls, and password recovery. Further coding is completed using Objective C and Java. If companies don’t have the requisite development skill in-house, Ayla will soon provide a list of approved teams which can be hired to complete the app.

You can find out more about the AMAP platform and Ayla Networks by visiting the company’s website here.