Programmatic Advertising Networks

Programmatic advertising is an advertising conducted using software, it increases its efficiency and generated revenues by automating the process of connecting publishers inventory with advertisers needs to reach specific audience. It includes both real-time bidding when advertisers bid for impressions in mobile or desktop publishers inventory and buying ad impressions in advance from specific publishers. Over time programmatic advertising is replacing all aspects where human manual intervention was necessary.

List of programmatic ad platforms

Updated: February 14, 2019


The Mobile Ad Quality Marketplace

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...and Aurora™ HD video technologies, rich media formats, global performance advertising business and programmatic marketplace, and extensive SDK footprint in the Top 1,000 apps worldwide, we are passionate....


Leader of global game distribution & mobile advertising

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Data-driven Mobile Marketing, Worldwide Performance Advertising Platform

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Performance based

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Smooth mobile advertising

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1 Trick to Make More Money Per Click

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Programmatic Mobile Advertising


The platform to help you outperform. The partnership to help you connect. The expertise to help you grow.

Pubmatic is a publisher-focused programmatic advertising company.


Performance mobile ad platform

...countries advertisers only pay for completed sales or purchases - not clicks real time bidding and programmatic buying to increase ROI.


Global RTB exchange for mobile ads

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Programmatic interactive mobile ads at scale.

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CrossInstall is programmatic interactive mobile advertising company that provides advertisers with a platform todeliver....


The Mobile advertising network for Europe

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Creative Mobile DSP

TabMo is a self-service programmatic mobile ad buying platform with a creativity twist launched in 2013.


Monetize Intelligently

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Multi-screen digital video ads


Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob

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Yuhu Ads

We will achieve the best results for your goals


Cross-Device Marketing Solutions

YOC Group

Engaging global advertising

...created a marketplace for innovative and non-intrusive digital ad formats and delivers them across all programmatic and direct trading channels.

The Mobile, Video, Display & Native Platform Built For Localized Programmatic

fi is a local programmatic advertising platform and DSP platform.

DoubleClick Bid Manager

Demand Side Platform by Google

Avazu Mobile

A Global Mobile Ad Display Company

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Improving marketing efficiency through more effective display advertising


Digital Advertising Planning and Buying

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causal IQ

Every conversion happens for a reason.

causal IQ is a programmatic marketing platform for brands to run ad campaigns via multiple channels - display, mobile,....

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

The advertising platform for the open Internet.


Data. Insight. Action.


The company defining digital advertising


Programatic built to optimize your conversion path

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Bucksenseis the programmatic platform for digital marketers, launched in 2012 in Madrid, Spain.

Oath DSP

Combines unique data with a new ML optimization platform to deliver on complex branding and performance goals

Oath DSP is a Demand Side Platform for advertisers to programmatically monitor, create and manage ad campaigns.
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