Facebook expands creator tools and launches Brand Collabs for sponsored content

Facebook has plans to increase connections between brands and creators for improved sponsored content and product placements in order to continue to keep its users engaged. The company just launched its Brand Collabs Manager. In essence, the manager is a search engine for brands to browse celebrities by audience demographics and former sponsored content. These include country, audience interests, education, gender and relationship status.

At the same time, creators can boost their sponsorships by creating portfolios of their Facebook Page that shows off just how brand content could fit in.

To help boost Brand Collabs, Facebook also finally rolled out the Android version of its Facebook Creator app, which arrived for iOS in November 2017. This allows creators to post intros and outros to live videos and schedule posts on Twitter and Instagram.

The social media network also launched Ad Breaks in the US, which are essentially mid-video commercials. Creators get to keep a whopping 55% of the ad revenue from these ads.

Meanwhile, subscriptions are being added, which enable creators to charge $4.99 per month to offer exclusive content to users. Fans can earn Top Fan Badges to highlight their engagement with influencer and creators.

Video has also been given a significant boost with Facebook adding interactive features such as puzzles and quizzes that can now be added mid-way through a video.

As Facebook worries that user engagement with the platform may be slipping resulting in a decline in its ad business, the company is focused on boosting creator and influencer connections. By enabling creators to monetise their content (similar to what YouTube offers), the network may even attract some new influencers and in turn keep consumers coming back.