Enhance by FGL Announces AdGate Media, Heyzap, Facebook SDK Support

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Posted: August 21, 2017

This article was first published on Enhance Blog.

FGL is pleased to announce that Enhance™ has been updated to support the following SDKs:

AdGate Media – AdGate helps game and app developers increase revenues through the use of incentives.

The AdGate Media SDK brings rewarded ads and offerwalls to Enhance™ users on Android.

Heyzap – Heyzap is mobile advertising done right. Mobile advertising, mediation, cross-promotion, segmentation, and more!

Heyzap Mediation for iOS and Android users, now via Enhance™.

Facebook SDK – Android rewarded, interstitial, and banner ads, along with analytics for your app or game.

Integrate the Facebook SDK easier with Enhance™ today.

Additional Enhance™ support has also been added for the following SDKs:

  • Firebase updated crash reporting for Android
  • Yandex SDK updated to v2.91.0 for iOS
  • OneSignal updated to v3.6.0
  • InLocoMedia updated to v3.2.0
  • Fyber Direct updated to v8.15.1
  • Fyber Mediation updated for Android to v8.15.1
  • Apploving iOS SDK updated to v4.3.0
  • Apploving Android interstitial/rewarded SDK updated to v7.3.0
  • AerServ updated to v2.41.0
  • Pollfish updated to v4.2.4 for iOS
  • Kochava updated to v3.2.0
  • AdGateMedia updated to v1.2.3
  • TapDaq SDK updated for Android to support v5.4.1
  • Chartboost updated to v7.0.0
  • MoEngage updated to v3.4.3
  • GameAnalytics SDK updated to v3.5.4
  • Leadbolt updated to v8.1.0 for Android and iOS users
  • IronSource updated to v6.6.4.1
  • Facebook updated to v4.25.0 (Android interstitial / banner / analytics / rewarded)
  • Ogury SDK updated to v2.1.13
  • AppNext updated to v2.0.6.462
  • Amplitude SDK updated to v2.14.1
  • PlaySeeds updated to 0.5.0
  • Wagawin SDK updated to v2.1.0
  • Flurry Android analytics updated to v7.2.1
  • StartApp updated to v3.6.3 for Android and v3.4.3 for iOS
  • Segment updated to v3.6.4
  • Mixpanel updated to v3.1.9
  • Phunware SDK updated to v2.4.3
  • AdscendMedia rewarded/offerwall SDK updated to v2.3.2
  • OfferToro SDK updated to v3.1.4
  • MediaBrix on Android updated to v1.8.2.001
  • Roko analytics/push SDK updated to v1.12.1.0
  • OpenBack SDK updated to v2.0.10
  • HeyZap updated on iOS to v9.11.5
  • Kidoz SDK updated to v0.8.1.0
  • Huq.io SDK updated to v1.2.2
  • Localytics updated to v4.4.0
  • AddApptr updated to v2.64.20
  • TapCore SDK updated to v1.19.1
  • TheoremReach SDK updated to v3.0.0.8
  • VidCoin updated to v1.3.4
  • LoopMe SDK updated to v6.3.1
  • DeltaDNA updated to v4.5.0
  • Appsalar updated to v7.0.0
  • Tenjin updated to v1.7.3
  • Apptentive updated to v3.5.1
  • CleverTap updated to v3.1.4

Try out these SDKs and more for free with little-to-no coding required at enhance.fgl.com