AppsFlyer expands mobile performance data transparency with new dashboard for agencies

Mobile attribution and analytics provider, AppsFlyer, has just launched a new solution that should give brands more visibility into their campaigns. Dubbed Agency Transparency, the product offers insights into campaign activities and mobile performance data which agencies run on behalf of their clients.
With access via the AppsFlyer dashboard, Agency Transparency provides key metrics such as media costs, impression, clicks and installs.
Dan Wilson, Head of Data and Operations at Fetch, explains that transparency is a key concern when it comes to ad performance. That also includes ad fraud of course. When advertisers put their faith in agencies, they trust them with such issues. He says:

“While we have long been at the forefront of this movement, and have invested in enabling transparency, AppsFlyer’s new capabilities enable Fetch clients to see the most granular data directly in their dashboards, as well as through the data provided via Fetch offering a view of real-time mobile performance in an automated and efficient manner. Beyond providing my teams with a seamless solution, this has the added benefit of providing our clients with a unified dashboard where they can clearly see the advantage of working with a best-in-class agency.”

Agencies used to provide their clients with exports of the raw data of a media buying and campaign performance. However, this used to be a rather time consuming job for agencies. AppsFlyer says that Agency Transparency can be used as a media source directly within a client’s reporting dashboard.
Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, adds:

“There has been an increasing amount of industry pressure on agencies to take measurable steps to improve relationships with advertisers, providing transparent insight into their media buying activities and performance. Working closely with agencies and marketers, we heard their needs and responded. Oftentimes, agencies and marketers want to improve their transparency, but lack the tools to do so. AppsFlyer is uniquely positioned to serve both brands and their agency partners with an unbiased measurement tool that quickly, easily and seamlessly provides clear visibility into key components of their campaign activities.”