The Best Mobile App Developers in India List

Find the best IOS and Android Mobile App Developers in India

It’s no secret that India’s app developer industry is booming. According to Forrester Research the country has the third fastest growing app market in the world and is predicted to generate $5.6 billion in revenue by 2015. Last year the industry grew by 22.6% and according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India there’s whopping 9,000 app development companies in the country.
One of the reasons India’s app development community has exploded so quickly is the huge influx in foreign money, with western SMEs looking to take advantage of India’s ability to offer app development at a fraction of the prices charged in Silicon Valley or London.
Hourly rates can be as little as $20 in India, compared to the $50 to $100 charged by US developers. While there may still be problems related to offshore development, Indian developers have a great deal of experience working with western companies and these issues are beginning to be addressed, with big companies like Yahoo and Facebook tapping into the country’s pool of talent.
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The Best Indian Mobile App Developers

Robosoft – Award-winning multiplatform app developer based in Udupi, India. Robosoft mainly focuses on casual game development and developed titles Ranch Rush and Pipe Mania.

Windows Phone app SnapDeal, by RobotSoft

Appface – iPhone and iPad-only developers based in Bangalore. Appface says it specialises in developing apps in finance, business, news, lifestyle travel and education.
Vxtindia – Mobile Development company based on out of Pune, India, with a track record of producing high quality apps and games.
Krish Apps – App developer baased in Faridabad, India. Develops across iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, HTML5 and Windows Phone.
Zibrasoft – Offshore mobile app and web app developer, based in Dehli, India. Covers iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry. Also offers software testing.
Dot Com Infoway – Multinational mobile app developer that works across all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada and Symbian. Headquartered in Chennai, India, with offices in the USA and Netherlands.
Genxm – The mobile app development wing of HyTechPro. Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone app development. Based in Noida, India, with offices in UK, US and Sweden.
Shephertz – Software company that offers a platform called AppClay to help non-developers easily create Android apps. Based in Dehli.
NectarBits – iPhone, iPad and Android developer based in Gujarat, India. Says it offers low and flexible pricing and post-delivery 45 day support.
Appacitive Software – Cloud based application development platform, allowing developers to focus on apps without having to worry about servers, hosting and scale. Based in Maharashtra.
Mobi App Solutions – App developers based in Uttar Pradesh, India. Covers iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and HTML5. Also does app UI design.
P41 Technologies – Cross platform development, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Offices in both Singapore and India.

iOS file-sharing app BlueMe, by GenXM

Sourcebits – Bangalore-based app developer, with offices in New York and San Francisco. Offers app development across all mobile platforms, as well as Facebook and web apps. Clients include Coca Cola and blog Boy Genius Report.
Rootwork – Provides enterprise and consumer apps for mobile platforms. Not yet launched at time of writing. Based in Gujarat India.
Appinos – iOS and Android developers responsible for the iDiwali iPhone app. Based in Chennai, India.
IsoftSEO – Covers iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Android and Symbian app development. Specialises in marketing apps. Based in Hyderabad, India.
Synqua – Mumbai-based app developer that focuses on producing mobile games for clients and the Synqua brand. Apps include Lugage Mania and Gravity Surf.
MADS – Developer based in Gujarat, India. Works with all mobile platforms, from iOS to MeeGo. Also develops themes, skins and app concepts.
Divum – Claims to have over 6 decades of mobile app development experience…… Based in Bangalore and works across all mobile platforms.
WINIT – Cross-platform app developer headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with offices in New York and the Netherlands. Clients include Jet Airways and Cisco.
Smacon Technologies – Team of creatives and developers working with mobile and web applications. Based in Kochi, India.
Divum – Multiplatform app developer based in Bangalore, India. Has created apps for a number of global clients including ESPN, Yahoo and MTV.
iAuro – Android and iOS developer based in Maharashtra, India, with over 50 apps published across the App Store and Android market, including MS Portfolio, Peak Meetings and PhonePhix.
E-Zest – Offers software services across a range of areas including mobile iOS and Android development. Based in Maharashtra.
Netsolutions – Android, iOS and Windows app developer that uses an offshore outsourcing model for quick development. Based in Chandigarh.
Mobisoft – Developer based in Noida India. Specialises in mobile games and mCommerce apps across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.
Hibiscus – iPhone, iPad and Android developer based in Bangalore. Specialises in educational, travel and sports. Also offers Symbian and J2ME development.
Agicent Technologies – Noida-based developer focusing on Android and iOS apps. Also offers other consulting and R&D services to developers.
BVBI Infotech – Offers enterprise mobile solutions, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows app development. Based in Bangalore.
SaraApps – Develops mobile games, enterprise apps and other consumer apps for all mobile platforms. Based in Chennai.
Camino – Global mobile app developer that’s based in Chennai. Offers Android, iOS, J2ME and Symbian development.

BlackBerry game Monkey Jump, developed by Divum.

DataGold Softwares – New Dehli-based mobile app developer with cross platform expertise. Clients include Channel Capital and IMFG.
Two55am Studio – Haryana-based company specialising in app and ecommerce development, with iOS, Android and BalckBerry expertise. Clients include Nokia.
Bellurbis – Mobile applications and solutions company working with iOS and Android platforms. Based in Haryana.
Sciflare Technologies – Offers a range of IT services including Android and iOS development. Based in Chennai.
ARK Web Solutions – Develops mobile and web applications, supporting iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows development. Based in Dehli.
MobiSolve – Bangalore-based developer focusing on iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 and BlackBerry development.
Switch Technologies – Cross platform developer based in Hyderabad. Developed apps such as Safe Sex Guide and Soma.
Rossitek – Mobile app developer located in Bangalore. Offers development priced by the hour or the ability to hire an entire dedicated team. Covers all mobile platforms.
One Associates – Focuses on Android, iOS and J2ME app development. Based in Maharastra.
Intelliapp Solutions – Kolkata-based developer working across all mobile platforms, including Bada and Symbian. Also offers consulting services.
ThoughtX – Full service development company in Bangalore, with cross platform expertise. Developed apps such as Popular Science’s iPad magazine app.
Bit Order – Software consulting company with iPhone and Android app development services. Based in Bangalore.
Kinsh Technologies – Web design company that also developers iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. Claims to have over 50 apps on the market. Based in Gujarat.
AppStudioz – iOS, Android and BlackBerry developer based in Noida. Claims to have over 600 apps on the market. Clients include ESPN and mChek.
TechMobia – Offers a range of mobile services, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry development. Based in Uttar Pradesh.

Vegetable growing guide app, Veglogistix. Developed by EsecForte

Vinfotech – Web design and mobile app development company working with iOS and Android. Based in Madhya Pradesh.
Royal Switchgears – Mobile app developer specialising in location-based apps and health apps. Covers iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Based in New Dehli.
Segemai Technologies – Global technology services company offering mobile app development. Based in Bangalore.
Digitantra – Mumbai-based company offering mobile app development and mobile marketing solutions.
Emobi Technologies – Cross platform mobile app developer with offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Apps include Cake Maker and Love Guru.
AppAspect – App developer based in Gujurat and specialising in enterprise mobile applications. Covers Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms.
CellApp – Develops apps for a range of OEMs, media companies and big brands, inlcuding Nokia. Covers all platforms including iOS, Android, Bada and BlackBerry.
Brand Catalyst – Mumbai-based developer with expertise in Android and iOS development. Clients include Petnopolis and Hungama.
Mobile Application Testers – As the name suggests, not a developer but a mobile application testing team. Based in Gujarat.
Mobiotics – Offers mobile app development for iOS and Android and mobile SAAS. Based in Bangalore.
TechAhead – Noida-based mobile app developer that’s been going since 2009. Covers iOS and Android. Clients include Pepsico and Audi.
OpCord Solutions – Based in Bangalore. Offers Android and J2ME mobile app development. Has clients such as Sharp and Fordge.
i-Soft – Focuses mainly on iPhone and iPad development, but also offers Android and BalckBerry development. Based in New Dehli.
PurpleChai – Cross platform developer, but has more experience with iOs apps. Developed apps such as The Way of the Cros, and Southern Spice. Based in Maharashtra.
AppMeIn – Developer that focuses on customising its own pre-made enterprise iOS apps for businesses. Based in Bangalore.
Briosys – iOS and Android app developer based in Chennai. Also offers web development solutions.
PetalApps – Android and iOS developer behind apps such as Speed Launcher and Interrupt. Based in Mumbai.
EsecForte – iOs and Android developer based in Dehli. Created apps such as Eddy and Hand of the Architect for iOS.
FizzySoftware – Web and app developer that works across iOS and Android. Also runs the FizzyApps app store. Based in Haryana.
AskMobi – Cross-platform app developer that focuses mainly on enterprise application development. Based in Hyderabad.
The Best Indian Mobile App Developers
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