Facebook releases Stetho, an open source, purpose-built Android debugging program

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

February 24, 2015


Facebook has released its own, purpose-built, Android debugging program. It’s called Stetho, and the open source software was originally developed to help the Facebook team fix issues discovered inside its own suite of Android apps.

Stetho integrates with Google’s Chrome Developer Tools, and Facebook says it lets developers gain convenient access to richer, more helpful data. In a blog post discussing Stetho’s launch, Facebook states it’s easy to set up, requiring little more than adding a link inside Chrome Developer Tools.

An example of Facebook’s Stetho in action


You can visit the post here for more in-depth discussion about Stetho’s functions, including an apparently time-and-effort saving dumpapp feature. Stetho’s release marks Facebook’s first open source Android project in 2015, and the company intends to continue updating it over the coming months.

In an interview with InfoQ,com, Facebook developer Josh Guilfoyle discussed some of the features it’s hoping to bring to Stetho in the future:


“The main feature in the pipeline right now is UI inspection which allows developers to both view and edit Android UI hierarchies from the DevTools interface. We’re also working on a lot of smaller features like working with SharedPreferences data, displaying files, and even timeline tracing. We’re also excited to begin rolling out a more powerful set of command line dumper plugins including a network stats aggregator, background task CPU usage attribution, and a way to dump the Java heap of a running program.”

You can learn more about Stetho by visiting Facebook’s GitHub page here.