Facebook open sources Sonar, its cross-platform mobile app debugging tool

Andy Boxall

In App Business

June 13, 2018

Facebook has re-launched Sonar, its cross platform mobile app debugging tool, as an open source platform. The company says Sonar will help large groups of engineers work collaboratively on projects, but ensuring knowledge and expertise is shared and focused in the right direction.

Facebook writes:

“With Sonar, engineers have a highly flexible, intuitive way to inspect and understand the structure and behavior of their iOS and Android applications. We believe Sonar improves on current tools by providing a more visual and interactive experience that is extensible to fit engineers’ specific needs.”

Sonar has been heavily influenced by Stetho, an Android debugging bridge, which Facebook recommends developers retire unless specific features not yet integrated into Sonar are required.

Sonar consists of a mobile SDK and a desktop client, and various plugins exist, and can be added to the SDK with a few lines of code.

Facebook concludes:

“As we’ve already seen Sonar prove useful internally at Facebook, we think Sonar’s APIs will help other engineers build great new experiences to improve their workflows.”

Sonar is available for download here.