Facebook expands features for Instant Games in Messenger

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 11, 2017

Facebook’s Messenger has added the ability for gamers to live-stream their plays and video chat with other gamers whilst playing.
The new feature is part of Instant Games on the Messenger app which was launched in late 2016 and ultimately aimed to boost time spent inside the messaging app by offering players some additional tools.
Using live-streaming, gamers can now broadcast their experiences via Facebook Live. In addition, they can tap the camera icon across the upper right corner of the game whilst they are playing the game and select an audience they may wish to broadcast to or add titles and descriptions to a video. When a broadcast ends, it is being published to a user’s profile or page.
Among the games currently available on Instant Games are classics such as Pac Man and Space Invaders. However, Angry Birds and other large names in gaming are already in the pipeline to join the line-up soon.
In addition, Facebook plans to test video chatting. The first game to include video chat will be Words With Friends by Zynga and will roll out some time next year. Video chats will allow friends to play games together whilst keeping the conversation going.
The latest additions may potentially challenge competitor apps such as YouTube for live streaming in-game and Fam for group chatting. However, as of yet, Facebook has no plans to monetize its tools and therefore the latest tools present a nice addition for gamers.