Personalisation is a core trend in 2018 according to marketers

Connectivity is becoming an increasingly important topic within marketing departments. According to a survey of 538 participants by Widen, the maker of a digital asset management software, marketers consider digitally connected integrations such as email marketing automation, customer relationship management and file-sharing solutions as the most important.
76% of those surveyed said they were already integrating two or more of their digital work tools.
Personalisation was seen as the core trends for 2018, followed by marketing ROI and digital transformation.

Among the most useful tools marketers employ to achieve personalisation are data and analytical strategies, dedicated teams and marketing automation strategies.

Another 93% of respondents said they considered personalisation an attainable goal. However, 58% felt unsure of how they could best achieve it at scale.
Additionally, the report found that telling the right story with data was a major challenge for marketers followed by managing data on various platforms and the simplification of data.
The report concludes:

“People can’t ignore connectivity, nor should they want to. From creative and operational people to content and product marketers, connectivity impacts every single member of the marketing team. But, we need to be strategic about how we connect our teams and tools to maximise resources and achieve our greater business goals.”