Facebook adds tools for advertisers to animate their still ads as videos

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 21, 2018

As more marketers are turning to video formats to engage and entice new audiences, Facebook is looking to make it easier for them to turn existing still adverts into video ads by adding motion. According to the social media network, video usage in direct response campaigns rose 3.8x in 2017.

Now, with the addition of Create to Convert, advertisers can easily develop more compelling and effective direct-response ads.

Features on offer include basic motion which lets advertisers animate their still images by adding one or two basic motions and a call-to-action card. Create to Convert also provides motion elements for brand logos and animations of key messages for campaigns. App developers or retailers can also add motion to apps and websites to demonstrate how exactly a product may work.

According to a survey among 49 brands, Facebook found that Create to Convert boosted a positive brand outcome by 69%.

Shopback, the Singapore-based ecommerce rewards platform, saw its conversion improve 5.5x and a 5.7x lower cost per registration from video ads compared to just still ads. Overall, brands which used still and video ads noted a 17% higher conversion rate compared to brands using still ads.

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