Millennials are best reached across a wide range of devices

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 14, 2016

Rocket Fuel, the programmatic marketing platform provider, has just released new research that highlights consumer connected device ownership, helping marketers to reach the right audiences at the right time. Based on a survey among over 500 consumers, the study found that over half of respondents own a tablet (Android 27% versus iPad 24%). In addition, it highlights that a significant percentage of Android smartphones were purchased over the last six months, signifying the continued growth in smartphone ownership.
Device ownership
rocket fuel
Millennials aged 25-34 owned the most devices with up to eight on average. Connected home device adoption was higher among those aged 35-44 due to a greater likelihood of home ownership at that age. That means advertisers can target Millennials across a wide range of devices most easily.
Device ownership by age group
When it comes to app usage by device, health and fitness for wearables saw some of the highest daily usage volumes. Unsurprisingly, smartphones are also being used daily.
Device usage
The research further asked consumers how comfortable they were sharing their data in order to be served better targeted ads. Entertainment and health as well as sports data ranked the highest for comfortability to share, whilst personal finance data scored highest for “very uncomfortable”. Overall, just 58% of respondents reported either being comfortable or neutral with wearable anonymous data being shared for advertising purposes.
Sharing data
Undoubtedly, willingness to share data for advertising purpose is still fairly low overall. Security issues are likely to play a part, but that may change over time as security continues to be guaranteed and improved.
Robert Jones, Director of Research and Insights, Rocket Fuel, says:
rob jones

“As the number of devices each consumer uses continues to expand, reaching a consumer on the right device – and not every device – will be increasingly critical to influencing consumer behavior. Every device a consumer adds to their personal network of connected devices creates new opportunities to better score each moment of influence for reaching that person – and ensure that the advertising messages they receive are positively received and valuable to them.”