Google revamps AdMob for improved app discovery and measurements

Google has announced some changes and improvements for developers including a revamped Payment API, the restructure of its AdMob mobile advertising platform and changes to Play Store ads.
The Google Payment API now lets merchants and app makers offer consumers faster options to check out using their card details saved to their Google accounts. Card details stored on Android Pay and Play Store can also be used to pay faster.
Faster checkouts are a key demand from many consumers to improve the mobile experience. In addition, the change may boost conversions and sales for developers and merchants with a reduction in abandoned carts.
Google also revamped AdMob which has grown from two billion app installs from ads last year to five billion installs in 2017. The site now features the Google Google’s Material Design on desktop and mobile. For developers, the changes mean it’s going to be simpler to select an app and gain insights on key metrics via Google Analytics for Firebase. Indeed, developers can link their Firebase account to AdMob to view their revenue data and sales.
Google’s AdWords team also rolled out Universal App Campaigns for added reach across the AdMob network, Google Search, and many other Google properties such as the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Google Play.
Changes to Universal App Campaigns mean that app promotions may become more effective in allow users to discover apps as Google rolls out placements across home pages and app listing sites.
Google also extended smart bidding features to adjust bids based on target cost per acquisition or target return on ad spend.
The App Attributtion Partners programme has been launched to combine data from AdWords: adjust, Adways, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava, and Tune to enable enhanced third-party measurement options.