Complexity and lack of funds stops mobile gamers from using blockchain technology

To better understand attitudes towards cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in mobile gaming, Blockchain game publisher BitCrystals has surveyed hundreds of players involved in its Spells of Genesis title. Less than half have used the technology, citing a personal lack of funds, and the complexity of the process as barriers.

Over the past 12 months, 46% had purchased or traded items using blockchain technology, while the remaining 54% had not been involved. During that time, 49% purchased or traded between one and three items, while 27% had purchased or traded at least 10 items.

Chart showing number of items purchased or traded on the blockchain

For those who had not dealt with the blockchain to purchase items, a lack of funds was the biggest factor, with 33% saying they didn’t have the money to trade or buy using the blockchain. The next largest factor was complexity and the intimidation factor, with 20% saying the process was too complicated.

Barriers around not using the blockchain

When asked why people used the blockchain for game-related purchases, most cited either actual ownership of the items, or the ability to trade the item freely as primary reasons. Using the blockchain for investment purposes, resale, and content creation scored the lowest.

BitCrystals concludes:

“The survey does show is a healthy appetite amongst gamers for the blockchain. The value of the blockchain in games comes from giving gamers a sense of real ownership and freedom — the freedom to convert their items and secure them on blockchain as well as the freedom to do exactly what they wish with any digital item they own.”

The people responding to BitCrystals’ survey were almost all male — 91% — the majority fell into the 25 to 34 year old category, and 25% lived in the United States, making it the largest pool of blockchain game players.