CodeControl launches co-working space app

Software development startup CodeControl has launched a new mobile app to provide its freelancers with free access to co-working spaces around Europe.

CodeControl describes itself as a curated community of freelance developers, designers and project managers, who work remotely for clients including the likes of Lufthansa and BCG.

The new app, built by one of the developer community working remotely from Bulgaria, will enable CodeControl’s 200 members to instantly check into one of 20 co-working spaces. Day rates range from €7 for some of the spaces in Eastern Europe up to €50 for a spot in Amsterdam – but CodeControl foots the bill.

Founder Marc Clemens said:

“Since we focus on working with the best developers – ones that can build an app used by 20,000 people the moment it goes live – we ensure that they have everything they need in order to be effective.

“Unlimited access to coworking spaces should be a standard offering for remote teams around the world.”

CodeControl said the app also aims to create a “greater sense of community” among the developers, allowing them to meet each other in person anywhere in Europe to exchange thoughts and key learnings.

The app is now available on iOS.