Bluebox Security teams up with Apigee, ready to help build super-secure enterprise apps

Andy Boxall

In App Development

October 28, 2015


Mobile app security company Bluebox Security has partnered with Apigee, together adding a higher level of enterprise-grade security to mobile apps. The pair make building secure mobile apps a less stressful experience, providing peace of mind for developers and customers.

Bluebox’s system avoids the pitfalls and problems that developers face using standard app security, and can be used to create a secure end-to-end app, including APIs. It’s here where Apigee’s involvement comes in, adding a further layer of security to APIs through its API management platform.

Subra Kumaraswarmy, head of product security at Apigee, said:


“We are pleased to welcome Bluebox to the growing Apigee partner ecosystem. Customers have been protecting their APIs with out-of-the-box Apigee Edge security policies such as OAuth; now, with Bluebox, they can easily extend the security model to sensitive data stored in mobile applications.”

Bluebox Security and Apigee has teamed up to help developers build even more secure enterprise apps


Pam Kostka, CEO of Bluebook Security, added:


“The work Bluebox has done with customers has uncovered that mobile apps are the new attack gateway to the backend. In the rush to become mobile-first, enterprises have seriously underinvested in protecting their mobile apps, leaving this back door open to critical enterprise resources. Bluebox’s zero-touch security effortlessly transforms any mobile app into a self-defending app, complementing the API security and governance features in the Apigee Edge API management platform.”

Find out more by visiting Bluebox Security’s website, or Apigee’s here.