Addictive Mobility and Adobe present new audience segmentation tools for mobile advertisers

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Brands can now link their cross-device audience segments to mobile environments as mobile advertising technology solutions provider, Addictive Mobility, and data management platform Adobe Audience Manager have completed their platform integration.
Adobe Audience Manager dashboard
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As such, the Adobe Audience Manager, a solution of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, now aggregates clients’ audience information across a variety of sources and identifies key segments. In return, that helps advertisers and app publishers schedule more relevant, customised mobile ads.
Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility, explains that brands have already come to see first-party data as the most precious of all marketing currency and are wanting to utilise it where possible. He adds:

“Mar-Tech and Ad-Tech companies like ours must meet this demand by establishing partnerships that allow a brand to collect and capitalize on tightly guarded consumer data in a cross platform environment. With a match rate of 84% on our first Adobe campaign, we have a strong confidence in our ability to enable clients to achieve this.”

Indeed, research from Econsultancy confirms that senior marketers in the US value first-party data more for the insight into the customer that it provides. Another important usage point were financial justification and consumer lifetime value.
Why first-party data is so important to marketers
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The mobile ad tech industry is a fast evolving field with projections forecasting $120bn in ad spend by 2025. The latest Adobe and Addictive Mobility integration aims to facilitate some of that growth to help advertisers stay on top.
Ali Bohra, Director of product marketing, Adobe, adds:
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“The match rate that initial customers have observed as a result of this strategic alliance is exceptional. The ability to now activate audiences within Adobe Audience Manager through Addictive Mobility’s mobile platform will extend our customers’ incredible reach across the Canadian market. With this integration, our joint customers can now take their mobile app targeting strategy to the next level.”