TapSense: Mobile RTB ‘robust’ but app publishers ‘need help’ investing

Mobile RTB platform TapSense says app publishers still “need help” jumping on-board the RTB wagon and has launched a new $10 million fund aimed at encouraging the adoption of RTB technology in the mobile space.
TapSense’s new investment initiative guarantees mobile publishers will receive the full amount of floor CPM for all ad auctions that are cleared. The San Francisco-based company says this will eliminate all the fees it usually charges, giving publishers 100% of the revenue from ads sold.
TapSense’s VP of marketing, Gregory Kennedy, told us mobile RTB now has a “robust” ecosystem of buyers and sellers, but app publishers still need help investing.

“The excitement around RTB has picked up significantly in 2014,” said Kennedy. “Both buyers and sellers now clearly understand its value and see how it brings more efficiency to the process. The only hurdle now is implementation. Publishers in particular need help investing in the right systems, so they can take advantage of all that RTB has to offer.”

There certainly has been a fair bit of activity in the mobile RTB space recently. Appflood launched its own platform earlier in the month, focusing on China, while Vserv made a similar move just last week, with an RTB solution aimed at emerging markets. TapSense tells us the increased adoption of RTB in the mobile industry validates their own strategy.

“The adoption of RTB by other ecosystem players is obvious validation of our strategy,” says Kennedy. “They see the market heading towards a single standard, built on RTB. This is great, it makes it even easier for partners to work together.”

TapSense says all publishers who start using its private TapSense RTB Premium App Publisher Solution from now on will be automatically enrolled in its new investment initiative. For more information on the scheme head over to the official website.